MeinDoc is a cloud-based 3D visualization platform that revolutionizes patients’ understanding of surgical procedures and helps healthcare professionals simplify complex doctor-patient communications.

Surgery is a stressful event for patients and their relatives. Ideally, patients should receive good medical information that enables them to understand their health condition and the planned surgery. Despite the many technological advances made in recent decades, however, there is still too little patient understanding of surgical procedures. Various barriers in everyday clinical life exist in relation to both patients and doctors: Patients usually only have a lay understanding of medicine but also have lots of questions before surgery. On the other hand, doctors only have a limited amount of time available to explain complex medical information about the condition and the surgery. In addition, to date, their only support tool has taken the form of standardized, black and white, paper-based educational material that patients often find difficult to understand. MeinDoc’s vision is to revolutionize the educational process for not only patients and their relatives, but also doctors and hospitals.

To resolve the challenges outlined above, MeinDoc has developed an app that creates a 3D animated video of the surgical procedure, personalized for each and every patient. With the aid of this video and an accompanying personalized information sheet, the health condition and planned surgical procedure are visualized and explained in a customized manner. To do this, the app uses information from CT, MRI, ultrasound and Xray results uploaded by the doctor. The MeinDoc app then enables patients to watch the planned surgical procedure on a smartphone or computer. The app increases understanding of the health condition and the surgery. This should alleviate patient concerns and improve health literacy.

Studies have shown that health literacy has a significant impact on recovery. As such, MeinDoc succeeds in achieving something that has never been done before: Explaining complex surgical procedures in a simple, clear and comprehensible manner – for each and every patient. Patients can watch the educational video as many times as they need to understand the information contained. This not only alleviates patient concerns but also those of their relatives. The 3D explanations are also multilingual, so language barriers can be overcome. For hospitals and doctors, the effective surgical information process saves time, which they can dedicate to their actual core competencies.