Hospital search

What is the hospital search?

The hospital search is a function that enables you to find hospitals in your region that offer the optimum treatment for your medical condition and needs. This search service is based on the hospital directory provided by the German Hospital Federation (DKG). The directory uses annual quality reports from the hospitals and always provides up-to-date, nationwide data about hospitals.

How does the hospital search work?

Enter a zip code, town/city or the hospital of your choice in the search box. Supplement your search inquiry with specialist departments or find specialists by entering a medical condition in the search box. Your entries are used to find the best search results and are not saved. Once you submit the search inquiry, you will be redirected to the hospital search’s results page.

Advanced search functions

This area enables you to use additional filters to further refine the search to meet your needs. Adjust the search radius in kilometers or filter the results based on treatment options, facilities, quality assurance or accessibility. It is also possible to select and directly compare multiple hospitals. You will find tips on how to perform searches and detailed explanations of all search functions.

By clicking this link, you will be redirected to the German Hospital Directory, which is operated by the German Hospital TrustCenter and Information Processing GmbH (DKTIG). The privacy policy indicated there applies.