COVID-19 InfoPoint

The coronavirus pandemic is still affecting the everyday lives of many people. The virus and the situation as regards infections are changing all the time, which means that the rules and regulations have to change too. This page provides important, up-to-date information about the topic of COVID-19.

How coronavirus affects the body

When the virus enters the body, it spreads through the airways and activates the immune system. The severity of the COVID-19 infection depends on how successfully the body’s defenses can combat the virus.

Preventing severe infections with COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 vaccines provide protection against developing a severe form of the disease and against any potential long-term consequences. A booster vaccine can improve and extend protection against the virus.

COVID tests – detect infections at an early stage and break the chain of infection

Rapid antigen tests usually provide early indication of a coronavirus infection. Doctors use the ICD code J06.9 or U07.2 to indicate that an infection with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is suspected. A PCR test is then used for reliable confirmation of a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

A changing infection situation means changing coronavirus rules

As a result of current regulations and decisions, there are certain things that we all need to pay particular attention to in our daily lives. The regulations are not only based on the latest incidence rates – they also depend on where people are living and on their personal infection and vaccination status.