N76.4: Abscess of vulva

A pus-filled sac (abscess) has formed on your external genital organs.

The external female genital organs include the labia, the clitoris and the skin around the vagina.

A pus-filled cavity (abscess) forms due to an inflammation.

The affected part becomes swollen and painful if there is a buildup of pus.

Additional indicator

On medical documents, the ICD code is often appended by letters that indicate the diagnostic certainty or the affected side of the body.

  • G: Confirmed diagnosis
  • V: Tentative diagnosis
  • Z: Condition after
  • A: Excluded diagnosis
  • L: Left
  • R: Right
  • B: Both sides

Further information


This information is not intended for self-diagnosis and does not replace professional medical advice from a doctor. If you find an ICD code on a personal medical document, please also note the additional indicator used for diagnostic confidence.
Your doctor will assist you with any health-related questions and explain the ICD diagnosis code to you in a direct consultation if necessary.


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