Older man sitting in a wheelchair and a younger man going for a walk. The younger man is leaning on the backrest of the wheelchair, bending towards the older man and laying his hand on his arm.

Family carers

There are many aspects to consider when caring for relatives. How can you balance care with working? What forms have to be completed in order to care for relatives and what care insurance benefits are specifically available to family carers? The articles below provide information about entitlements and respite services.

Accessible living: information on renovations and aids

An accessible home is an important factor for many people when it comes to living independently. Guidelines, renovations and aids help adapt homes to specific needs.

Mental and physical stress and strain experienced by family caregivers

Acting as a caregiver for a loved one can be very stressful, both mentally and physically. In this article, caregivers will learn how to avoid burnout.

Planning ahead for future care – lasting powers of attorney, guardianship directives and advance healthcare directives

Anyone can find themselves unable to make decisions or act on their own behalf. A lasting power of attorney, guardianship directive or advance healthcare directive can clarify key issues in advance.

Hot weather: protecting older people and people in need of care

Heatwaves can cause serious health problems in older people and people in need of care in particular. Precautions can be taken that significantly reduce the risk.

Preventing abuse in a home care setting

Abuse and aggression by those providing care to loved ones at home is an important topic. Read more here about its causes, the forms it may take and how it can be prevented.

Caring for people with dementia

This article tells family caregivers what is important in relation to caring for people with dementia, and which support options are available.

Caregiver leave and family caregiver leave – combining care and work

Working while also caring for a loved one can be difficult. Caregiver leave and family caregiver leave give caregivers an opportunity to take a full-time or part-time break from work.

Long-term care insurance – help for family caregivers

Those who provide home care to a loved one who is in need of care are known as family caregivers” and can claim benefits from long-term care insurance. These include financial benefits, for example.