Older woman riding a bicycle along a forest path. She is smiling.

Health in old age

From when are we actually classed as “old”? The fact is that our life expectancy has steadily risen over the past few decades. There are several things that can help you stay healthy and active and enjoy a high quality of life even in old age. These not only include a healthy, age-appropriate diet and lots of exercise, but also maintaining friendships and hobbies. This section contains various articles on health in old age.

Healthy aging – with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to look after our health. A varied diet and regular exercise are particularly important.

Falls in older people – the importance of staying active

Many older people worry about having a fall. However, becoming less active is not the solution. It is important to identify and eliminate possible causes of falls in everyday life.

Sleep in later life – a restorative nighttime rest to boost health

Sleep patterns change throughout a person’s lifetime. A healthy lifestyle and a steady day/night (sleep/wake) cycle help promote a restorative nighttime rest in later life.

Bladder weakness (urinary incontinence) in older age

Losing control of the bladder can be very distressing. However, by taking certain measures, people can often learn to manage their bladder weakness.

Hot weather: protecting older people and people in need of care

Heatwaves can cause serious health problems in older people and people in need of care in particular. Precautions can be taken that significantly reduce the risk.

Mental health: staying mentally fit in later life

Everyone can forget their keys now and again. But where is the boundary between forgetfulness and dementia? Find out more about mental health in later life and what we can do to stay mentally fit.

Visual impairment in later life: regular check-ups are important

For many people, vision deteriorates with age. However, effective treatment options are often available. That’s why it’s important to see a doctor regularly.