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Patient rights

Patients in Germany have statutory rights. What information does a patient’s record contain? When are you entitled to a second opinion before an operation? And what can you do if you suspect that a treatment error has occurred? This section offers you an overview of your rights as a patient. After all, only those who know their rights can actually enforce them.  

Patients’ rights: what you are entitled to

It is important that patients understand their own rights. This article explains which patient rights exist and what doctors’ obligations are.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM)

All patients want to be given effective treatment so that they can recover as quickly as possible. Evidence-based medicine provides the foundation for this.

Travel costs: when do health insurance providers cover the costs of traveling for medical treatment?

Health insurance providers can cover the costs of traveling for medical treatment. However, this is only possible under certain conditions. Find out more here.

Switching health insurance provider

People with statutory health insurance are entitled to freely choose and switch their health insurance provider. But when is it worth switching? Read more about it here.

Second opinion: when can a second medical opinion be sought?

If you have statutory health insurance, you are entitled to seek a second opinion before certain operations. Why does this right exist and how can it be claimed?

Appealing a decision by a health insurance provider

Health insurance holders are entitled to lodge an appeal if their health insurance provider rejects a claim for benefits. Read on to find out which steps to follow and what to be aware of.

Complaints about medical treatment

What rights do patients have who feel that they have received poor or incorrect treatment or believe that their doctor has broken the rules?

Patient's receipt

People covered by statutory health insurance are entitled to a patient's receipt. This creates greater transparency in the health sector. How can I get one? When should I be given one?

Medical malpractice

Patients whose treatment does not have the desired outcome or for whom there are complications often ask themselves whether medical malpractice has been committed.

Information available to patients and people wanting advice

Good information is important in finding one's way around health issues, whether it involves one's choice of doctor, information about illnesses, or patient rights.

Patient record

Doctors must keep patient records. These must document all the main medical measures and their outcomes.