Eine Person im Kittel hält einen Arm, der einen Gips trägt

Benefits for those with health insurance

If a person becomes ill, the statutory health insurance scheme (GKV) covers many of the costs of medical and therapeutic care. In addition to treatment, this also includes the supply of medication, medical dressings and patient aids. You will find more information here about the benefits provided by health insurance providers, additional contributions and what to be aware of when submitting a claim.

Prevention through the health check-up

People with statutory health insurance between the ages of 18 and 34 can get a health check-up as a one-off, and then every 3 years from the age of 35 onwards. Find out here what is involved.

Early detection of cancer: what examinations are there?

With screening, cancer or certain cancer precursors can be detected before they cause symptoms. The chances of healing thus often improve.

Health checks for children and adolescents

Health checks are important in the development of children and adolescents. Read more about it here.

Vaccinations: what needs to be known about them?

Vaccinations are amongst the most important preventive medical measures. Vaccinations can help prevent many infectious diseases and their spread. Here you will learn more about them.

Medical rehabilitation (rehab)

Rehab can help prepare people for their return to everyday life and work following an illness. Discover who is entitled to rehab and how it can be applied for.

Sickness benefit: amount, duration and calculation

How can I claim sickness benefit? What do I need to know about claiming sickness benefit? This article provides an overview of useful information about sickness benefit.

Prenatal care: check-ups and counseling

Regular check-ups during pregnancy are important for both mother and baby. They allow risks or complications to be detected and treated at an early stage.

Travel costs: when do health insurance providers cover the costs of traveling for medical treatment?

Health insurance providers can cover the costs of traveling for medical treatment. However, this is only possible under certain conditions. Find out more here.

IGeL – overview of self-payer services

In Germany, “IGeL” are individual health services that are not normally paid for by statutory health insurance providers.

Psychotherapy: an overview

This article provides an overview of the topic of psychotherapy and explains its effectiveness and the various approaches that may be used.

Services for the critically or terminally ill

People who are critically or terminally ill are entitled to specific services and advisory options. This article provides an overview.