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Prevention and screening

Statutory health insurance providers offer insured parties the opportunity to have examinations to prevent conditions or detect them early. These vary depending on age and gender. What examinations are available? What other useful information is there about vaccinations? What are individual health services (IGeL)? This section contains articles on these and other topics.

COVD-19 vaccination – answers to the most important questions

Several COVID-19 vaccines have been approved in Germany. This article explains how they work and how safe and effective they are.

Prevention through the health check-up

People with statutory health insurance between the ages of 18 and 34 can get a health check-up as a one-off, and then every 3 years from the age of 35 onwards. Find out here what is involved.

Early detection of cancer: what examinations are there?

With screening, cancer or certain cancer precursors can be detected before they cause symptoms. The chances of healing thus often improve.

Oral hygiene and preventive dental care for healthy teeth

Good oral hygiene and regular visits to a dentist can keep the mouth and teeth healthy and prevent tooth loss.

Health checks for children and adolescents

Health checks are important in the development of children and adolescents. Read more about it here.

Organ donation: a very personal decision

In Germany, organ donations are only allowed with consent. Anyone who makes a conscious decision in favor of or against organ donation could save their loved ones a difficult decision.

IGeL – overview of self-payer services

In Germany, “IGeL” are individual health services that are not normally paid for by statutory health insurance providers.

UV radiation: why it’s important to protect skin and eyes

Exposure to natural and artificial ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause lasting damage to the skin and eyes. It is the primary risk factor for skin cancer.

Donating blood: it’s that easy to save lives

Donating blood can save lives. This article is about who is allowed to donate blood, what types of blood donation there are and how donation works.

Stem cell donation: from the search for a donor to healing

A stem cell donation can save lives. It is used when no long-term healing of a disease is possible with other methods.

Visual impairment in later life: regular check-ups are important

For many people, vision deteriorates with age. However, effective treatment options are often available. That’s why it’s important to see a doctor regularly.

Sexually transmitted infections: how to stay protected

Many people are not aware that there are other sexually transmitted infections besides HIV. With appropriate measures, it is possible to stay protected. Read more about what they are here.

Vaccinations: what needs to be known about them?

Vaccinations are amongst the most important preventive medical measures. Vaccinations can help prevent many infectious diseases and their spread. Here you will learn more about them.