Telemedizin: Eine Frau sitzt in einem Wohnzimmer an einem Tisch, auf dem ein Laptop steht. Auf dem Bildschirm sieht sie einen Arzt, der seinen Blick zu ihr richtet. Der Arzt schaut offensichtlich in einen Bildschirm, um mit der Frau zu sprechen.


“Telemedicine” is often regarded as synonymous with “video consultations for patients”. These are admittedly part of it but the umbrella term “telemedicine” encompasses far more too. For example, “teleconsultations” between doctors. The articles that follow provide information about the possibilities offered by telemedicine.

Online video appointment

Online video appointments enable doctors to be consulted online. Find out here what is required and how they work.

Telemedicine: remote healthcare services

Which telemedicine services can patients already benefit from today? And which ones can they expect in the future?


Telemonitoring refers to the monitoring and evaluation of important health parameters remotely. In what areas is telemonitoring used? How does it work?