An older man is wearing work clothing, including ear defenders. The man is smiling.

Workplace health

Employees spend a large chunk of their time in the workplace. Successful occupational health management can promote good employee health, performance, and well-being. This section provides information on the measures that companies are legally obliged to take as well as further optional measures.

Mental health in the workplace

Maintaining mental health in the workplace is important. This article explains which factors can impact mental health at work and how employees can take care of their mental health.

Workplace health management (WHM)

Companies and employees benefit from a comprehensive workplace health management program. What does it all include? And how is it planned and implemented?

Workplace health promotion (WHP)

Workplace health promotion is an important tool to use to achieve greater health and well-being in the workplace – for all companies. What are the benefits?

Workplace integration management program (BEM): back to working life

The workplace integration management program helps people who have been unable to work for a prolonged period return to work. What are the advantages of structured integration? How does it work?

Measures for occupational health

Occupational health is extremely important to staff and employers. Which measures are obligatory? Which ones are promoted?