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Electronic health record (ePA)

The electronic health record (ePA) stores test results, diagnoses and other health-related documents in digital form and in one place. That makes it easy to provide this information to medical practices, pharmacies or hospitals whenever it’s needed. Find out here about the benefits the ePA offers, how it works and how your personal data is protected.

The electronic patient record (ePA)

Health insurance providers offer their insurance holders an app for the electronic patient record (ePA). This gives you an insight into results, prescriptions and other health information.

The electronic child examination booklet (U-Heft)

The electronic child examination booklet is part of the electronic patient record. Read more about the advantages of the electronic child examination booklet here.

E-dental bonus booklet (E‑Zahnbonusheft)

Insured persons can use the electronic dental bonus booklet to prove their attendance of dental check-ups. This can reduce the deductible amount.

Electronic certificate of vaccination (e-certificate of vaccination)

The electronic certificate of vaccination can be used as part of the electronic patient record (ePA). Read on to discover the possibilities this offers.

The electronic maternity record (e-maternity record)

Pregnant women can use the electronic maternity record to document their medical check-ups. Information about the features it offers can be found here.