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Managing addiction

In Germany, about 20 percent of adults drink more than the recommended amount of alcohol. But how many glasses of wine or beer per week are okay? And what classes as alcohol dependence? This topic area looks at these and other questions about addiction and dependence, including how to identify and manage these in order to lead a healthier, happier life once more. 

Smoking and quitting

Smoking is unhealthy. Among other things, it increases the risk for infectious diseases and many types of cancer and negatively impacts physical fitness and the cardiovascular system.

Gambling addiction (pathological gambling)

People with a gambling addiction are unable to stop gambling. However, a gambling addiction can be treated. It is important for those affected to understand their condition.

Managing addiction with a self-help group

Most people with an addiction find it difficult to live without the substance or behavior to which they are addicted. Self-help groups offer support from people with similar experiences.

Illegal drugs and drug addiction

Many drugs have a brief positive effect on mood and well-being. However, regular use can have severe mental and physical consequences.

E-cigarettes: not a good alternative to tobacco smoking

More and more people are trying e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco smoking. But are e-cigarettes really less harmful?

Legal highs – designer drugs that are actually illegal

Legal highs or new psychoactive substances are designer drugs that usually mimic well-known illegal drugs. Read on to discover the associated risks and the legislation that bans them.

Alcohol poisoning (acute alcohol intoxication)

Alcohol poisoning primarily becomes apparent through impaired consciousness. Discover when drunkenness becomes an emergency.

Medical drug abuse and dependency

Medical drug abuse and dependency is common in Germany. Read here about how it happens and what can be done to prevent it.

Online addiction

How many people tend to use the internet excessively? At which point can it be called being addicted, and how can dependency be avoided? This article answers these questions and others.

Alcohol and alcohol dependence

Beer, wine, champagne, or spirits – for many, alcohol is part of daily life. Many people would like to change their drinking habits – but this is not always easy to do.