Patient und Pfleger formen mit Ihren Händern gemeinsam ein Herz.

Saving lives and helping people

When people have an accident or other medical emergency, they rely on their fellow human beings to provide them with first aid. There are also many conditions, such as leukemia, that would be incurable without the willingness of people to help one another. Apart from giving CPR or donating blood or stem cells, what opportunities are there to be of help? This topic will provide you with more information.

Organ donation: a very personal decision

In Germany, organ donations are only allowed with consent. Anyone who makes a conscious decision in favor of or against organ donation could save their loved ones a difficult decision.

Home medicine cabinets: medication, medical dressings and more

Every home should have a medicine cabinet containing common medication and medical dressings for minor injuries. Depending on the members of the household, different contents are useful.

First aid for children

This article explains what to do and how to provide first aid if a child has a fall, is choking or suffers a burn.

First aid for poisoning

Urgent action is required if poisoning is suspected. This article explains the signs of poisoning and what first aid measures can be taken when it happens.

First aid – be brave and take action

What should I do first if I find someone unconscious? And how should I react as a first aider at the scene of an accident? Here you will find answers to questions about first aid.

Donating blood: it’s that easy to save lives

Donating blood can save lives. This article is about who is allowed to donate blood, what types of blood donation there are and how donation works.

Stem cell donation: from the search for a donor to healing

A stem cell donation can save lives. It is used when no long-term healing of a disease is possible with other methods.