N80.4: Endometriosis of rectovaginal septum and vagina

You have endometriosis.

With endometriosis, tissue resembling the mucous membrane of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. Exactly why endometriosis occurs is not understood.

The uterus lies in the female pelvis and it has a lining of mucous membrane.During the normal monthly cycle, the membrane in the uterus gradually thickens. It is then expelled when you have your period. This process is controlled by various sex hormones. Endometrial tissue is normally only found in the uterus.

The endometriosis tissue does not perform the usual tasks of the mucous membrane in the uterus. Various symptoms may arise as a result. For example, you may experience sharp pains during your periods. Periods may be more severe than usual, as well. You may experience pain during sex, or recurring abdominal pain. It may also be more difficult to conceive. It is also possible that you will have no symptoms at all.

In your vagina you have tissue resembling the mucous membrane of the uterus.

Additional indicator

On medical documents, the ICD code is often appended by letters that indicate the diagnostic certainty or the affected side of the body.

  • G: Confirmed diagnosis
  • V: Tentative diagnosis
  • Z: Condition after
  • A: Excluded diagnosis
  • L: Left
  • R: Right
  • B: Both sides

Further information


This information is not intended for self-diagnosis and does not replace professional medical advice from a doctor. If you find an ICD code on a personal medical document, please also note the additional indicator used for diagnostic confidence.
Your doctor will assist you with any health-related questions and explain the ICD diagnosis code to you in a direct consultation if necessary.


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