Caregiver going for a walk in a park with an old lady, with her right arm around her shoulder.

Long-term care insurance

Long-term care insurance covers the insured party for the event that they require long-term care. It is a form of mandatory insurance in Germany and is intended to enable those affected to live as independently as possible. These articles provide information about long-term care insurance and the meaning of care dependency. 

Long-term care insurance: support for people who need long-term care

Long-term care insurance is a compulsory insurance. It supports people who need help in day-to-day living. Read on to find out more about criteria and benefits.

Who can avail of supported living?

Supported living (also known as assisted living) enables people who are in need of support to live in private accommodation and to lead a self-determined life as independently as possible.

Care grades at a glance

The long-term care insurance provider uses the care grades to rate how much care people need and how many care benefits they receive. Find out more about classification and the benefits available.

Digitization in the care sector

Digitization has a major impact on the care sector and can benefit both care recipients and carers. Find out more about the pros and cons of digital technology.

Prevention and health in care facilities

Health promotion and prevention are also important to care recipients. Read here how this is put into practice in care facilities.

Care assessment – what to be aware of

The care assessment determines a person’s care grade. Read on to find out how to prepare for it.