A30.9: Leprosy, unspecified

You have leprosy.

Leprosy is caused by specific bacteria. These bacteria are probably transmitted by direct contact with sick people. After infection, it can take a very long time for symptoms to appear.

Initially, typical spots form on the skin. These spots are usually brighter than the surrounding skin or slightly reddened. The skin can feel numb at these sites.

The leprosy bacteria can damage nerves. Many nerves run from the spinal cord and brain to the organs, skin and muscles in the body. The affected nerves are sometimes thickened. It may also no longer be possible to move affected muscles. The nerve damage can cause feeling to disappear in some skin areas. As a result, injuries often go unnoticed or are only detected belatedly. Wounds can then easily become inflamed. This can lead to areas of the skin necrotizing. The fingers or toes are often affected by this.

When the defense system is weakened, the leprosy bacteria can spread in the body. The bacteria can then damage organs.


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Leprosy is a bacterial infectious disease that primarily occurs in South East Asia, South America, and Africa. Though leprosy is curable, there are still serious outcomes.