Health and digitization

Digitization brings with it many opportunities – including for health. Digital networking provides quicker and easier access to health information. In addition, health apps can support and improve the treatment of medical conditions.

Digital solutions create new opportunities such as:

Digital health services
simplify and improve care.

Always at hand: the Digital COVID Certificate

Anyone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 can conveniently prove this with the Digital COVID Certificate. This is practical when going to restaurants or traveling within the EU, for instance. The certificate will also apply to people who have tested negative and are recovered.

The electronic patient record: have documents more readily to hand

A digital safe for all important health records

With the electronic patient record, insured persons can quickly access their personal health records in an app. The documents are well protected and can be shared with medical practices, hospitals or pharmacies as required.

Health apps can support treatments

For example, apps on prescription can support the treatment of medical conditions such as migraines or depression. Like drugs, digital health applications (DiGA) are also tested for their efficacy and safety.

Complementing treatments with online video appointments

Doctors’ appointments can take place online in the form of video consultations. This is convenient and saves time. It is also easier for patients with limited mobility.

For better care: digitization of the healthcare sector

Innovation in the healthcare sector does not solely concern the treatment of patients, but also helps promote health research and the development of new therapies.