Selected topics

Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy is a time of many questions and an intensive life experience. This section looks at the advice and examinations available to pregnant women.

Muscles, bones and joints

Many musculoskeletal disorders can be attributed to age-related wear and tear – particularly to a lack of exercise and too much sitting down.

Circulatory and lymphatic systems

The circulatory and lymphatic systems run throughout the body and are closely linked. Both systems play a central role in defending against pathogens.

Psyche and well-being

Sport or meditation? There are various ways to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life that can improve your personal well-being or help you relax.

Family carers

There are many aspects to consider when caring for relatives, such as the entitlement to benefits and respite services for carers.

Benefits for those with health insurance

When a person becomes ill, the statutory health insurance fund covers the cost of necessary medical treatment. Find out more here about benefits and contributions.

Need medical assistance?

Alert the emergency services immediately in potentially life-threatening situations and emergencies.

Emergency number 112

Non-emergency medical assistance at night, at the weekend, and on public holidays.

Telephone number 116117