The e-prescription

Doctors currently use pink paper forms to prescribe medications requiring prescriptions for those covered by statutory health insurance. In the future, doctors can prescribe these medications digitally as e-prescriptions.

At a glance

  • E-prescriptions will start from mid-2021. As of 2022, e-prescriptions will be required for medications that require a prescription.
  • You can use the e-prescription app to assist you, but it is not mandatory.
  • E-prescriptions will help patients save time and effort.
  • E-prescriptions will also help doctors, pharmacists, and health insurance providers cooperate more closely.
  • A paper prescription will still be available as an option. Insured persons can also request that the e-prescription be printed at the doctor’s office.
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What is an e-prescription?

The electronic prescription, e-prescription for short, is part of the effort to digitize the healthcare sector and is planned for mid-2021. It not only opens new doors to patients, but also simplifies cooperation among doctors, pharmacists, and health insurance providers. E-prescriptions can be issued in the app or as a printed prescription.

What do e-prescriptions offer the insured?

The e-prescription makes it easier for doctors to prescribe medications for those covered by statutory health insurance. It also makes it easier for patients to fill prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Doctors can complete the e-prescription online during a consultation using the e-prescription portal – either at the office itself or during online consultation hours. Patients can then use the gematik app on their device to access the prescription and send it directly to the pharmacy of their choice so they can pick up their medication later. It is also possible for patients to have prescriptions sent to their homes. This makes it easier for people with limited mobility to receive their medications. E-prescriptions are easily sent to a local pharmacy or to mail order pharmacies for filling. 

Refills are easier to manage with e-prescriptions. Patients are no longer required to visit the doctor’s office to pick up a paper refill prescription. 

E-prescriptions are just as flexible as paper prescriptions. If insured persons cannot fill the prescription themselves, it can be filled by a spouse or friend. And it is always possible to print out an e-prescription on paper.

What are the benefits of e-prescriptions for the healthcare sector?

E-prescriptions simplify the exchange of information and cooperation among doctors, pharmacies, and health insurance providers. Sending an e-prescription electronically reduces processing time for all involved. E-prescriptions also help save resources in the healthcare sector.

Together with the electronic patient record or the electronic medical data card, the e-prescription opens more doors. Prescribed medications can be added directly to an electronic medication treatment plan and added to the electronic patient record, including information about dosage and administration. This makes it easier to identify interactions with other medications or intolerances in the electronic medication treatment plan. Furthermore, everyone involved in the treatment process (doctors, pharmacists, insured, and future caregivers) have a better overview of current and previous prescriptions.

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