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The ICD code is a globally recognized system that is used to consistently label medical diagnoses. ICD stands for “International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems”. ICD-10-GM is adapted to the requirements of the German healthcare system; GM stands for “German Modification”.  The new ICD-11 officially came into effect in January 2022, alongside version ICD-10, which continues to be valid. Both versions can be used for a transition period of 5 years. Codes continue to be used in accordance with ICD-10 until the introduction of ICD-11 in Germany. 

Here you will find an overview of the codes according to ICD-10-GM version 2022.

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Selected topics

Respiratory system

The air passes through the mouth and nose, down the throat, past the larynx and vocal cords, and through the bronchial tubes into the lungs.


Eye disorders range from mild conjunctivitis to serious disorders such as glaucoma (“green star”).


Hormones are chemical messengers and signaling molecules that regulate various processes in the body. Many hormones regulate processes that affect the entire body.